The Christmas Special Edition of the Club Penguin times for 2007!

Here are the main stories!

C for Ch in newspaper

Here are how the $1 mil. was shared:

Kids who are sick: $394,000 –

Help the Environment: $330,000 –

Kids in Developing Countries: $276,000 –

So that’s how it was distributed! And thankyou to everyone for donating you have made a real difference!

Happy new year CPT 2007

From the 28th of December to the 2nd of January the christmas party will still be on but there will be a new years celebration going on yippee!

Finding Fluffy

There is an article in the newspaper about a famous fish on CP. Read to find where you can find him!

That’s practically it!

Happy New Year Everyone!

End of Igloo Contest

Posted On December 21, 2007

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Hi yeah I know I should’ve posted yesterday but I was busy. So here’s a list of all the winners. Unfortunately I didn’t win.

Christmas Igloo Contest Winners

Also the christmas party starts @ 5:00 so I will post again with some pics!