100 Hit Party

In 9 more hits, I will be hosting a CP party for everyone!

Server: Antarctic

If Server full: Snowy River

Meet at: Blazedawn’s igloo

Party includes: Sled races with me

A Christmas Party Tour showing where all the free items are

Mancala & Find Four Tournaments

Note: Winners of these tournaments will get 100 coins (5 Bunny Hill races where I crash into everything so you win)

Date: TBA

Dress: Any of my three outfits (Santa scarf now changed from Halloween scarf to Christmas scarf) (see below posts for details) If you don’t have the bell and you want to be Santa don’t worry you dont have to have the bell.

Note: Background and Pin for dress is not compulsory. Colour is only compulsory for Santa and Reindeer!

See you there!