Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl Movie

I am preparing a movie about the new stage play. We will meet on an unpopulated server for some bits. Here are the parts. Meet me at an arranged time and place (my igloo, Antarctica) for Auditions. Comment below for the part you’d like.

Pengui/Shadow Guy: Blazedawn

Pranah/Gamma Girl: Reserved for Hparn1 at the present time

Squidzoid/Adam: Reserved for Darkbluescar at the present time

Reporter(s) (Two): Reserved for Tommus123 at the present time/Open

Stalker: Open

Pizza Parlour Boss: Open

Squidzoid’s Monster Slave: A big piece of Cardboard at the Stage

Maybe new characters at a later stage. Script available to download once finished.



Colour: Dark Blue

Costume: Pizza Apron and Chef hat

Background: Rockhopper/None

Pin: Snow Shovel


Colour: Pink

Costume: Pizza Apron, Chef Hat and Designer Sunglasses

Background: Sunset Beach

Pin: 1st Preference: Hair Brush 2nd Preference: Picnic Basket 3rd Preference: Surfboard

Shadow Guy:

Colour: Dark Blue

Costume: Full SG costume

Background: Sky

Pin: UFO

Gamma Girl:

Colour: Pink

Costume: Full GG Costume

Background: Sky

Pin: UFO


Colour: Light Blue

Costume: Squidzoid Costume, flippers from the 12th Fish (optional)

Background: Below the Sea

Pin: Jellyfish


Colour: Any (Both must be different)

Costume: Nothing except camera (optional)

Background: Any

Pin: Preferably Microphone/Any


Colour: Any

Costume: Camera

Background: Any

Pin: Any

Pizza Parlour Boss:

Colour: Red

Costume: Pizza Apron, Chef Hat

Background: Rockhopper/None

Pin: 1st Preference: Pizza 2nd Preference: Snow Shovel/None

Leave a comment to apply for a part!

Leave a response and help improve reader response. All your responses matter, so say whatever you want. But please refrain from spamming and shameless plugs, as well as excessive use of vulgar language.

3 Responses to “Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl Movie”

  1. Aaron

    very interesting Blazedawn i don’t know what to say we will just have to see how it turns out

  2. blazedawn

    I know who that is that is Tommus123

  3. wwezac

    Where do we meet please can you comment on telling me when
    thanks im gonna try and be the pizza boss or a reporter
    im a member so i have the clothes

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