This is getting really annoying!

Posted On February 19, 2008

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When is it going to come out?

Winter Fiesta! Ar-eeba!

Ar-eeba! The Winter Fiesta is here! Here are some pics of places that have been decorated!

Winter Fiesta 2008 BeachWinter Fiesta 2008 Coffee ShopWinter Fiesta 2008 CoveWinter Fiesta 2008 Dance ClubWinter Fiesta 2008 DockWinter Fiesta 2008 ForestWinter Fiesta 2008 Pizza ParlourWinter Fiesta 2008 PlazaWinter Fiesta 2008 Ski Village.Winter Fiesta 2008 Snow FortsWinter Fiesta 2008 Town

The Maracas are back with a new colour!

They are at the Dance Club:

Winter Fiesta 2008 Maracas

The Pin is at the Forest:


Wave your mouse over the pinjata and you will be able to see the Sombrero Pin wave it again and the Pinjata will smash and the pin will drop to here:

CP Sombrero Pin

I’m pretty sure that’s all so Ole!

Wrongly Banned

Posted On January 19, 2008

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Sorry I would have posted about the party yesterday but I was wrongly banned!

Rockhopper coming!

Everyone thinks that Rockhopper’s coming and so do I! You know the iceberg in the telescope? Well it hit Rockhopper’s ship.

Everyone’s hanging out at the beach for Rockhopper! I think he’s going to make a surprise appearance!

Rockhopper’s Crash



A ninja I found a ninja! This is true! This is not an edit! If it was an edit I would use myself and make it look like I was the Ninja (or someone called Nanjaguy227 or something)! Not only has he got the Ninja mask. (THE REAL GIVEAWAY EVEN AGAINST THE BLACK!) He has a completely black cape and the only capes you can get are the black back and red inside or the blue or the pink one! OMG! If he is watching please comment to say whether you used AR or another cheating device or even if it’s… TRUE!


New Stage Play: Superhero Style

The Stage Presents:

Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Girl

A Superhero Penguin Duo who fight a Penguin turned monster!

Gamma Guy’s Outfit:

Shadow Guy Mask

Shadow Guy Costume

Shadow Guy Cape

Gamma Girl Outfit:

Gamma Girl Mask

Gamma Girl Costume

Gamma Girl Cape

Squidzoid Costume:

Squidzoid Costume

Reporters Camera:

Reporter’s Camera

Special Dances:

Wear all the SG or GG clothes to hold up a shadow or gamma orb

SG danceGG dance

Now the stage itself:

Squidzoid vs SG & GG Stage

Stage Glitch

When you use the script it keeps saying the lines from the 12th Fish