Winter Fiesta! Ar-eeba!

Ar-eeba! The Winter Fiesta is here! Here are some pics of places that have been decorated!

Winter Fiesta 2008 BeachWinter Fiesta 2008 Coffee ShopWinter Fiesta 2008 CoveWinter Fiesta 2008 Dance ClubWinter Fiesta 2008 DockWinter Fiesta 2008 ForestWinter Fiesta 2008 Pizza ParlourWinter Fiesta 2008 PlazaWinter Fiesta 2008 Ski Village.Winter Fiesta 2008 Snow FortsWinter Fiesta 2008 Town

The Maracas are back with a new colour!

They are at the Dance Club:

Winter Fiesta 2008 Maracas

The Pin is at the Forest:


Wave your mouse over the pinjata and you will be able to see the Sombrero Pin wave it again and the Pinjata will smash and the pin will drop to here:

CP Sombrero Pin

I’m pretty sure that’s all so Ole!

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