Rockhopper coming!

Everyone thinks that Rockhopper’s coming and so do I! You know the iceberg in the telescope? Well it hit Rockhopper’s ship.

Everyone’s hanging out at the beach for Rockhopper! I think he’s going to make a surprise appearance!

Rockhopper’s Crash

Different Sled Racing Terrain

Posted On December 26, 2007

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This is true!

I was playing sled racing with three other penguin therefore it must’ve been penguin run but I tried the walk away cheat and before it loaded I went to another track and joined it I didn’t actually join the game but after a while the game started and it was penguin run because It wasn’t just me with an extra 1 or 2 penguins it was me with 3 other penguins! So anyway, the track was different! I haven’t memorised the terrain of them but I had just finished another sled race with 3 other penguins and it ends with a slippery bit then a cliff, this was just snow.

This IS true!