A ninja I found a ninja! This is true! This is not an edit! If it was an edit I would use myself and make it look like I was the Ninja (or someone called Nanjaguy227 or something)! Not only has he got the Ninja mask. (THE REAL GIVEAWAY EVEN AGAINST THE BLACK!) He has a completely black cape and the only capes you can get are the black back and red inside or the blue or the pink one! OMG! If he is watching please comment to say whether you used AR or another cheating device or even if it’s… TRUE!


2 Responses to “NINJA!”

  1. you are an idiot

    the mask was given in the cowboy party long ago and the cpae also i dont remeber in hwta party so no is not a ninja sorry uddy

  2. Blazedawn

    T_T I thought he was real…

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